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February 11, 2018

Updated the Carnival Zilina galleries

Already fourteenth traditional Zilina's carnival took place in the beginning of February. A reasonably good weather and a rather bearable temperature brought many people out into the streets. 400 masks have been announced by the organisers though without foreign guests this time. We could see many old as well as new faces. Krampus.sk was the most attractive group with really great demonic costumes. The crowds were in a great mood again and that is what counts.

February 3, 2018

Updated the Spain galleries

The end of September is a perfect time for photography in Spain if the weather allows naturally. We were lucky and the sky was blue most of the time so we enjoyed the trip greatly. We visited the two largest Spanish cities, Madrid the capital of the country and Barcelona the capital of Catalunya (being there on the controversial separatist plebiscite's eve). We also saw Bilbao the capital of the Basque Country, historical Santiago de Compostela, and Santander.

January 3, 2018

Opened the Portugal galleries

At the end of the last September, we travelled to taste the westernmost country of the continental Europe; to taste literally - port, wine, cheese, biscuits to name some goodies also enjoying the weather that could not have been better. Admiring azulejos the famous painted tiles everywhere, we visited Porto and Lisbon the two largest Portuguese cities, Nazare the seaside town with splendid vistas from its cliff, the westernmost cape of the continent, and more.

October 29, 2017

Updated the Czechia galleries

The end of August led us into the neighbouring Czech Republic once again, this time to Helfstyn Castle to visit smith days and fair. Driving back home we stopped to walk through nearby town of Lipnik nad Becvou exploring its historical centre and castle area. The Helfstyn Castle was full of amazing smith pieces and its tower offered great vistas. A few smith art works was installed also at the Lipnik square.


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