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November 12, 2019

Updated the Greece galleries

Greece is a subtropical country with a rich history, nice nature, and stable summer weather, surely well worth the visit. This time we spend a pleasant hot summer time on the Kos Island near the Turkey coast. Additionally we also visited the volcanic Nisyros island for a walk in its main crater and through a lava stone beach. In the galleries, there you can find a selection of photos made not only in these but also in some more Greek coastal destinations we had the pleasure to visit this millennium.

May 8, 2019

Updated the Germany galleries

Easter holidays, beautiful weather with temperatures for short sleeves, who would not go for a trip. Travelling to Germany this time, to Bavaria its largest federal state, we visited cities of Bamberg, Nuremberg, and Regensburg, walked mainly through their historical centres, also sailed on a boat (in Regensburg). We tasted ice cream everywhere (the best was in Regensburg) and could not omit Bavarian beer, naturally.

April 10, 2019

Updated the Carnival Zilina galleries

Already fifteenth traditional Zilina's carnival took place in the very beginning of March. The weather was quite unpleasant this time starting with drizzling that nevertheless stopped after a while. Harder raining started luckily after my return home. Despite the weather a lot of masks participated in the parade. We could see many old as well as new faces. The crowds were in a reasonably good mood again and that is what counts.

December 11, 2018

Updated the Czechia galleries

The beginning of October led us into the neighbouring Czech Republic once again, this time to the famous South Moravian wine region of Lednice-Valtice. The town of Lednice has a beautiful castle with gardens, conservatory, big pond, and even a minaret. The town of Valtice also has a castle. Beside this, the town is a famous wine centre, too. Because visiting during wine celebrations, we also tasted some wine and enjoyed a concert at the overcrowded town square.


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