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March 21, 2018

Opened the Fish-eye Galleries

So-called fish-eye is a camera lens with extremely wide field of view without any optical correction of its spherical distortion producing photos looking like shot through a door viewfinder. It also comes pretty handy for almost 150 degrees wide one shot panoramas after correction of verticals or alternatively horizontals. Nowadays, I use it more frequently than a classic wide angle lens unnaturally deforming images mainly in their corners.

March 13, 2018

Updated the Slovakia galleries

Without photographs introducing Slovak cities, towns, villages, and beauties of nature these pages would not be complete. The latest group of galleries is dominated by castles, mainly ruined mountain stony castles like Blatnica, Cachtice, Hricov, Lietava, Old, Sulov, Strecno, and Tematin as well as by castles in better shape like Budatin and Orava. Beside these, also a gallery of Bratislava, our capital and some more have been published.

February 25, 2018

Opened the Infrared Galleries

Do you like a bit different view of the ordinary scenes around? Seeing once some catching infrared photography, I thought to try it myself, too. The photographs published here were taken by an ordinary DSLR camera put on a tripod and having an infrared filter screwed on. The results coming from the camera are red like hell but after a black and white conversion, a contrast and lightness correction, and possible recolouring of the sky and water, the results are quite usable, aren't they.

February 11, 2018

Updated the Carnival Zilina galleries

Already fourteenth traditional Zilina's carnival took place in the beginning of February. A reasonably good weather and a rather bearable temperature brought many people out into the streets. 400 masks have been announced by the organisers though without foreign guests this time. We could see many old as well as new faces. Krampus.sk was the most attractive group with really great demonic costumes. The crowds were in a great mood again and that is what counts.


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